• Infrared Activate & Presence Sensor 254E

Infrared Activate & Presence Sensor 254E

    CNB-254E is a infrared sensor that both can be used to start
  • an automatic door and detect presence to avoid any injure;


Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: AC/DC 12-24V ( +/- 10%)

Wire Length: 2.5m

Max.mounting Height: 3000mm

Static Current: 30mA

Working Current: 110mA

Dimensions: 229 * 67 * 41mm

Light Mode: modulated Infrared Ray

Illuminant: infrared 940nm

Light Beam: 1 anti-clamping, 4 transmitt ,16  luminious spot

                    3 activation, 12 transmitt, 48 luminious spot

Self-learning time: 10s

Lights indication: Green: stand-by; Yellow: Activation;  Red: Anti-clamping

Detection Range: 1600(W) * 800(D) mm

Response time: 100ms

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