How to Extend the Life-span of Automatic Doors


  The automatic door is to bring convenience in work and life, as well as energy saving. However,  if it is not used well during operation process, there will be many problems, and it will shorten its life-span. Then how to extend the service life of the automatic door? Pay attention to the maintenance and regular maintenance is needed;

1. The dust on the industrial door should be cleaned regularly to keep the automatic door, glass and hardware clean and bright. Because even if it is stainless steel, once it is contaminated with dust and dirt, the chemicals in it will corrode the surface of the stainless steel.

2. Once the automatic door is contaminated with oil stains and other stains, do not use strong acid or strong alkali solutions to clean it. This will not only  damage the surface finish of the profile, but also damage the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of the hardware.Especially when some customers use sulfuric acid to clean the walls, be careful not to stain the doors and windows.

3. The particles and other debris on the inside of the frame should be cleaned up in time to prevent it from blocking the passage and causing poor sliding, noise and potential security risks.

4. When entering and exiting the automatic door, avoid being impatient and rampaging, and try to avoid hard objects hitting the  automatic door or scratching the surface of the profile.

5. When the automatic door is found to be inflexible in opening or other abnormal conditions during use, the cause should be found in time. If the customer cannot eliminate the fault by himself, he should contact the automatic door manufacturer or supplier in time, so that the fault can be timely exclude. If the automatic door is not repaired in time, it should be suspended to avoid accidents.

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