Some Tips of Choosing Automatic Doors


1. Automatic Doors should be installed in which places?

Automatic doors are suitable for hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., the  automatic doors can save air-conditioning energy, reduce noise, wind and dust, and at the same time make our entrances more convenient and elegant;

2. How to buy automatic doors?

According to the installation environment and requirements of the automatic door, consider choosing the right automatic door.

1) Selection of sensors: In high-end hotels and office buildings, you can choose high-sensitivity sensors; in banks and shops on the sidewalks where people often pass by, choose narrow-area sensors.

2) Safety auxiliary device: In high-end hotels and other places, it is necessary to prevent people from being clamped by automatic doors, and you can choose to install an infrared sensor for preventing people from being clamped.

3) Install access control systems and electric locks: Install automatic doors in self-service banks, you can add self-service bank access control systems, and install electric locks to control entry and exit.

4) Equipped with back-up power supply: In order to ensure that the automatic door can work normally even in the event of a power failure, a back-up power supply can be equipped.

3. Choose the decoration  of automatic door:

In order to facilitate the maintenance and repair of automatic doors in the future, you can choose stainless steel, aluminum profile  as the exterior surface of the door frame and surface cover; note that if it is used as the exterior surface, the automatic door system and the door leaf projects must determine the construction plan in advance.  So as to avoid the serious consequences of rework and redo due to coordination errors. The door body is generally made of glass doors, and currently there are pure glass doors and framed glass doors. 

4. Choose the construction contractor:

Choose an agent or engineering company that can provide perfect after-sales service. This agent or engineering company has sufficient technical support from automatic door manufacturers as a backing, so as to ensure the interests of our end users.

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