How to install the automatic sliding door

How to install the automatic sliding door

1. Measure the height and width of the opening after the floor is finishing to calculate the net height and width of the door;

2. Take 4200mm width and 2400mm height for example(Double leaf sliding door). 4200mm divided into 4 equally is 1050mm each, fixed door leaf is 50mm wider than the moving door leaf (There is 50mm overlap when door closed), so the max.width of moving door leaf is 1050mm, fixed door leaf is 1100mm so that the clear width could reach 2000mm.

   If the moving door leaf height needs to reach 2400mm, the aluminum track should be mounted at 2400mm +50mm from floor to bottom of aluminum track. The fixing door leaf height is 2400 +50mm, or little bit higher to lie on the U-bar. The U-bar normally is mounted 5-10mm lower than aluminum track;

3. Install aluminum track. Fix the aluminum track on the U-bar by each 300mm a nail in zigzag way like below:


The aluminum track must be horizontally mounted;

4. Install motor, controller, tension wheel and belt into the track;

5. Fix glass holder and hanger devices onto the glass door leaf, and hang the door leaf on the track and adjust the height and make sure the door leaf is vertical.

6. Bolt the anti-derail on the hanger device and install the track stopper, one is in middle of the track and the other one is at the end of the track;

7. Fix the belt fastening devices on the belt when door in close condition;

8. Push the door leaf to see if they can move smoothly;

9. Push the door leaf to half open status, and switch the power on to see if the opening direction is OK.

10. Press the TEST button on the controller, if the door can open and close, it’s OK;

11. Install motion sensors. Connect one and test OK then connect the other one;

12. If the door always open and close, please adjust the sensitivity and detecting range of the sensor;

13. To connect access control devices, please see User Manual;


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