Common faults and maintenance of automatic doors

  The use of automatic doors gives people a very convenient feeling, but this convenience requires frequent inspections and maintenance of automatic doors. Today we will go to see the common faults and solutions in the maintenance of automatic doors. 

Automatic door repair method

1. The door does not move

(1) The door leaf does not move. Of course, first check whether  power supplied. If it is due to a power failure, it is fine.

(2) Whether the movable door leaf is mopping the ground, if there is such a phenomenon, the door will be very difficult to start, the main controller will consider that there is an obstacle and perform self-locking protection to stop the door leaf;

(3) Check whether the running wheel part of the door leaf  falls off the track. If this occurs, the door leaf will not move.

(4) Check whether the  automatic door is equipped with safety beam sensor, because the dust on the receiver of the safety sensor will also cause malfunction, which will make the main control of the automatic door mistakenly think that there is an object in the middle of the door leaf and stop closing the door. 

2. Slow response of automatic doors

(1) The detection range of the sensor is too small.

(2) There is dust accumulation inside the sensor.

(3) The door is too heavy and exceeds the lifting force of the  motor.

3. The sound of operation is loud

  The running wheel of the hanger device has a certain degree of wear due to long-term operation, which causes the automatic door to open and close the door loudly. For this situation, if it is very slightly worn, you only need to clean the track and the running wheel . Just add a little lubricating oil to the bearing, but if the situation is more serious, you need to replace the running wheel. 

  Some of the metal connectors are loose, the lower guide system is damaged, the movable door leaf and the fixed door leaf are rubbed, and the guide rail is not done well in the initial installation, all these factors will cause the automatic door to open and close loudly, need to exclude each problem one by one to get away with it;

4. Automatic doors keep opening and closing by themselves

(1) There may be moving objects entering the sensing range of the sensing detector, such as pedestrians, vehicles, colorful flags or even the shadows of trees.

(2) The detection range of the sensor may be adjusted too downward. When the door leaf is about to be closed, the sensor sensing the movable door leaf again, and the sensor mistakenly believes that someone is moving, causing the door leaf to open again.

(3) The upper plate that fixed sensor may shake, which will cause the sensor to shake with it and cause the door leaf to keep opening and closing.

(4) Check in detail to see if there are objects near the induction automatic door emitting strong electric waves, because strong electric waves may also interfere with the sensor and cause malfunctions. 

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