Does Hosptial Hermetic Sliding Doors Special?

   Yes, it's special and there is big difference between normall sliding doors and hospital sliding doors.

   Medical automatic door is an automatic door specially designed for entrances and exits with high requirements for cleanliness and air tightness.

  The opening and closing is stable, convenient, safe and reliable, and can meet the special requirements of air tightness, sound insulation, anti-isolation and intelligence. For example, the radiation protection lead door of the radiology department.


   The door leaf is surrounded by an aluminum alloy frame structure, and the surface is decorated with brushed stainless steel panels or made of high-quality aluminum alloy panels with high-voltage electrostatic spraying. The inner sandwich is made of injection-type polyurethane foaming technology. The door panel is solid, flat and elegant.

   The edging material of the door frame is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

    The door leaf is inlaid with high-quality rubber pads, and the door leaf running track is specially designed and processed to make the door leaf moves slightly sink to the ground and close to the frame to make sure the tightness when it's closed and the rubber pads will seperate from frames and ground when it's opening to prevent it from damage and prolong it's service life;

    The double-glazed observation window of the door is convenient for observing the working status of the room.

    In order to avoid cross contagion, normally non-contact sensors are applied with hospital doors,such as feet sensor or hand sensors;


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