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Automatic Swing Door Operator

Automatic Swing Door Operator


Automatic Swing Door Operator SW-1000

1. Extremely low noise working,it can be widely used for health care centre, home and office;


2. Lower power consumption,90kg door leafs only consume 25W;


3. Safety: the door can be set at delay or stop status when it hit obstacles during its closing or opening. When door is in hold open procedure, at Delay status, the operator will try to open the door;at Stop status, the door will automatically close within 2 seconds even though it was in hold open procedure;


4. Self-operation protection: it will operate normally no matter how strong the external force interference is;


5. Self-torque control optimization function;


6. Left open or right open is very easy to realize;


7. Self-learning function: it won’t hit wall or door frame when it open or close heavily;


8. It will become a door closer at power failure;


9. Fire protection function: the door can be set close tightly to prevent fire and smoke outside or you also can set it totally open when there is fire for escape;


10. The spring is adjustable;

Technical Specification



Power Supply

100-240V AC+10/-15%, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption


Auxiliary Voltage Output

24V DC. Max.400mA

Built-in Fuse

2pcs 6.3A, 250V

Door Width


Electromechanical Lock

12V DCMax.500mA  or   24V DC, Max.250mA

Door Weight (Max.)


Door Opening Angle

Push arm 80-110,with reveal 0-100mm

Pull arm 80-110,with reveal 0-130mm

Opening Time(0-80)

3-6 seconds

Closing Time(90-10)

3-6 seconds

Hold Open Time

1.5-30 seconds

Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)


Protecting Rate


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