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Curved Automatic Sliding Door

Curved Automatic Sliding Door

Functional Features

Intelligence-Configured with built-in intelligent micro-computer control chip to achieve automatic process. It precisely proceed opening and closing speed, holding time once these parameters have been set by the users;

Reliability-Internationally used brushless DC motor integrated with worm gear reducer possesses high efficiency, long life span, reliable and low noise characteristics.

Safety-Selective safe sensor devices completely eliminate the clamping danger. The program won’t disorder even if someone pulls/pushes the door leaves. The door leaves will move reversely if there is any object approaching the door during its closing procedure.

Outstanding Access Control Devices-Remote control adapter realizes open, half open, lock and automatic operation options easily. And can match other optional access controllers to realize access control, networking checking attendance, security monitoring and other all-dimensional intelligent functions.

Noise Insulation Design-Upgraded design of transmission modules form a precise structure, which enable the door moves more brisk, and reduce the noise at the same time;

Energy Saving-Open sensitive, closed timely, minimize the air circulation between the internal air-conditioning environment and outdoor environment, maintain constant temperature indoors.

Environmental Protection-Double-door interlock structure can reduce indoor cleansing air spillover out, prevent cross contamination, meet energy saving requirements and noise insulation needs.


Technical Specification

Rang of the Door



Door leaf max weight


90kg x 2

Power Supply

AC 90-260V, 50-60 Hz

Opening Speed

100-700mm/s (adjustable)

Closing Speed

100-500mm/s (adjustable)

Creep speed

30-100mm/s (adjustable)

Hold-open time

0-9s (adjustable)

Hold-Close Force


Manual Pushing Force


Power consumption


Ambient temperature


With different motor devices and aluminium track, there are 2 kinds of systems:

Option 1: 

A型弧形门机.jpg     弧形门机(2).jpg

Option 2:  

Curved Sliding Door System 3.jpg

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