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Hermetic Automatic Sliding Door

Hermetic Automatic Sliding Door

Technical Specifications:

Hermetic Sliding Door Diagram.pngHospital Door Technical Specification.png


★Advanced driving system transmission technology.When the door leaf is closed to the right place, the door leaf will slightly shift to the door frame and ground.The rubber pads that arranged around hte four sides of the door leaf can be completely combined with the door frame and the ground,which ensuring the air tightness.

★Advanced door leaf location technology.With the combination of double slopes inner the groove at the bottom of the door leaf and directive wheel, the door leaf will sink and close to the door frame when the door is closed.The dooe leaf will move from groove up to the adjustment of directive wheel,which avoids door leaf swinging;

★The driving ssystem can be installed in two ways:surface mounting and enclosed mounting, both are easy to install;

★The interior of the door leaf adopts advanced high pressure foaming technology that is pressed molding by a large sized platform ensures the smoothnes and flatness of the door leaf.The surface of door leaf can be decorated with matt stainless teel, steel, aluminium,etc,and can by spayed with plastic coatings of different colors;

★High quality seal strips are embeded along four sides of the door, which meets the sanitary requirement of hospitals;

★The door can automatically open and close when medical staff put a foot into the switch box or put a hand above the hand sensing switch.Safety sensor can be installed in the door frame insures the safety;

★With or without glass window both are available;

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